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  • Grinding Plates are ready for delivery in August

    In August, Shijiazhuang Osprey Tools Co.,Ltd production is busy, and the grinding plates have been ready for delivery, these products are popular in oversea market, they are for professional markets. Shijiazhuang Osprey Tools Co.,Ltd – The professional manufacturer of diamond tools for concrete ...
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  • Diamond Tools Performance

    The diamond shoes made by Shijiazhuang Osprey Tools have high performance in grinding concrete floor or concrete block products, diamond shoes are very suitable used in 300-500kg or above grinding machines, such as like the weight of Europe or America main grinding machine etc. the grits of produ...
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  • Diamond Tools Ready for Delivery in June

    As time goes on, the market situation become better and better, osprey tools production has become busy, come into June, osprey tools have finished the parts of production task, and some goods of diamond tools have been ready for delivery, all these goods will be sent to our domestic market and o...
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  • Osprey Tools Production for the beginning of May

    With the time coming into May, Shijiazhuang Osprey Tools Co.,Ltd have finished the part of orders of May, including domestic market and oversea market, the products include diamond cup wheels, diamond shoes and diamond blades. Our domestic market have made remarkable recovery from outbreak, th...
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  • Osprey Tools – The Diamond Tools Production for First Quarter

    Within China the normal social order are restoring in all walks of life, meanwhile, the production situation of Shijiazhuang Osprey Tools Co.,Ltd has also been restoring recently, the production of every workshop in the company has been in normal condition. the company employees do the best for ...
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  • Diamond Cup Wheels and Grinding tools ready for delivery

    Shijiazhuang Osprey Tools Co.,Ltd actively respond to the government’s call for prevention against disease, and we have done a good job in control of it, meanwhile our factory have started production on Feb. 25.   The cup wheels and grinding tools have been ready for delivery   ...
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  • יהלום אופני השחזה עבור הזמנות לשנה חדשה

    Osprey Tools has finished the first New Year order By the middle of Jan.2020, because of Spring Festival – Chinese Traditional New Year, the company has come into holiday. The finished order include two type of wheels, they are Double Row Wheel – 2MAS, and L type Wheel – 2MAC. During factory pr...
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  • כלי Osprey בשנחאי תערוכה

    Shijiazhuang Osprey Tools Co.,Ltd in World of Concrete Asia    December 11-13, 2019    Shanghai New International Expo Centre    Shanghai, China    Booth No: W1H115     World of Concrete Asia is Exhibition Asia of World of Concrete, World of Concrete is the industry’s only ann...
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  • נשמח לראותכם בביתן שלנו במרכז הכנסים של לאס וגאס מאי

    אנחנו נפגין בתערוכה הלאומית חומרת 2018 בלאס וגאס מרכז כנסים מצפים מראה לך מוצרים החדשים שלנו לדון בשיתוף הפעולה בינינו. אתה תמצא בדוכן שלנו בבית מספר 739 ו נהיה נוכחים מן to10th 08th מאי.
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