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Diamond Tools Performance

The diamond shoes made by Shijiazhuang Osprey Tools have high performance in grinding concrete floor or concrete block products, diamond shoes are very suitable used in 300-500kg or above grinding machines, such as like the weight of Europe or America main grinding machine etc. the grits of products including 16# to 140# with high speed and long life, especially in rough grinding steps. They can fully meet the needs of large area concrete flooring works.

The diamond cup wheels made by Shijiazhuang Osprey Tools also have high performance in grinding concrete and stone products, all kinds of wheels can be easily mounted on any angle grinders, which have highly optimized for general use.

At job site, before working, do please check the concrete hardness of your floor, so as to select correct bond of diamond tools for high working efficiency.

Shijiazhuang Osprey Tools Co. Ltd has its own production, R&D, marketing departments, the company own Sintered Equipments, Brazed Equipments, Hydraulic Press, 350 blade hydraulic press, Dynamic Balance Machine, Automatic Blade sharpening Machine, Automatic Polishing Machine etc.

Sintered Equipments

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Post time: Jul-15-2020
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